Faith Statement

Holy Spirt Have Your Way!

I believe that the Holy Bible is an inspiring and authoritative source of YHWH's doctrine, the Gospel of YAHSHUA/Jesus Christ, and precept. I am also aware that some have errors, and diligently read the Bible with the Holy Spirit leading and guiding voice. 

I believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe that man was created in the image of God, but as a result of sin is lost and powerless to save himself. We all need the leading of the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus. 

I believe that the only hope for man is to believe on Jesus Christ, the virgin-born Son of God, Who died to take upon Himself the punishment for the sin of humankind, and Who rose from the dead so that by receiving Him as Saviour and Lord, man is redeemed by His blood.

I believe that Jesus Christ in person will return to earth in power and glory.

I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells those who have received Christ to enable them to live righteous and godly lives, and believe that it is vital to remain upright in order not to grieve the Holy Spirit.

I believe that the Church is the Body of Christ and is composed of all those who through belief in Christ have been spiritually regenerated by the indwelling Holy Spirit. The mission of the church is worldwide evangelization.

Ultimately, the Church is in us, and we are the body of the Church with whom the Holy Spirit is our guide and advocate for all things, lean on His teaching for understanding and righteous living. 

Njeri Rionge

By The Order of the Oath of the Covenant of Melchizedek

Seal #934 of 144000 Revelation 7 & 14

Bible Reading Believer

Read your Bible diligently and know that indeed God is alive and with us all the days of our lives. For, it is written, that He shall never forsake us and this is true, what happens if we do not stay attentive enough to hear His voice when He speaks to us, the Bible says, my sheep hear my voice. Quieten your soul to hear Him. What a friend we have in Jesus, He is always by me when I need Him.

His name is YHWH and His son's name is Yeshua!

Today, we discuss the true Name that is above all Names. Yeshua is the correct name of the son of YHWH. Use the Blue Letter Bible to learn more from the Hebrew and Greek text. He wants to speak to you about His name and His son's name and share our story in a relationship, which is what He wants with each one of you.

The Kingdom of God is, COME!

I want to invite you to join us tomorrow on a conference call to experience the opportunity to get all your questions answered. Please follow the instructions on the link below. God be in you and with you. Here is the link

Jesus Is Lord of My Life. I want Him to Bless you.

Jesus Is Lord of My Life. I want Him to Bless you using the sound of my voice. Wishing you all a wonderful celebration on the birth of Christ Jesus. Who was and Is to Come.

The Kingdom Age is Here, you will choose one!

Message for Kenya: This is the Kingdom Age, you are either with God, the Almighty the one who said let there be light and there was light. You come to Him through His son Yeshua, The Christ Jesus, the one with whom all things are; seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. You can find more information concerning the Church and God's reign.