Personal Statement

From my heart to yours...

I am passionate about humans, and doing good for the benefit of all, and no I am not perfect. I believe - It is not about titles, degrees or pedigrees, nor has it ever been. There is one Lord, one Master, one Gospel and one Body of Believers with many functions and talents. When we see each other and love each other as one in Him, the power of God can move mightily through each one, for each one has His Spirit and His anointing. The world will know of Him by our love for one another. In the Name of Yehshua.

The nameless and faceless servants of the Almighty Yahweh will be used in greater ways today, for the greater days ahead. He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world. Amen.

Njeri Rionge

By The Order of the Oath of the Covenant of Melchizedek

Seal #934 of 144000 Revelation 7 & 14

In Summary

In my career, family life and community work I have endeavored to do more than just what benefits me, and in so doing I was able to achieve a lot more than most people my age.  I remained focused and diligent even when things were seemingly not working; God continued to shine my life through others!